Sunday, December 13, 2009

My New Banner.

Okay, so maybe the banner might be old to other writers but considering I havent posted in a while, it's new to me. I just like to say that I love it! and the graphic designer who done this has done an amazing job (:


All the new clothingg (:

Since i haven`t posted in a while and quite abit of clothing has been realsed in starplaza, I`m going to do a review on it all.

NEW Miss-Sixty: It`s alright, I guess. Some of the items aren`t really my style. I would have to say the ones I like are : Denim harem pants, Flame red frock and Red glitter handbag. The rest, im not so sure about.

Oh and most of you would probarly have seen the advertisment on the start page, alothough it's no longer there I found it quite funny. It said something about " It's cold outside, stay warm with the new Miss Sixty" Umm .. Stardoll we are on a virtutal website ?

Voile hoilday Boutique: Some of the stuff in this store are really cute! but others are just not me.

St Trinian clothing: I actually dont have access to this store, but I have seen some spoliers on blogs and stuff. And i have to say i quite like it. I own a few items because i searched it. If anyone doesnt have access like me and owns some of this clothing could you please contact me here or on my main account ( hottpink12 - if you didnt know ) and tell me what i have to search! Thanks heaps!

Christmas Calenders: The non-superstar items are just plain boring! But some of the superstar items are alright.

Superstar prices rise : For the Australians, Superstar prices have risen. If your from Australia, you can`t buy a gift code from the stores like some countries - or whatever it`s called. You can only buy it via text message, credit card and all those other things. I buy viz text message. I used to pay $5:00 and get 1 month superstar and 100 stardollars. Then they lowered it to 2 weeks. Now I have to pay $7:00 and get 130 or something. I know $2 isnt alot of money, but stardoll is kinda being rediculious about this. Has anyone else superstar gone up or whatever?

Okay so I will stop writing now, your probarly getting sick of me xP
Brittany !

Extremley Sorry!

Hey Everyone.
I am really sorry for my lack of posts. As i said in one of my posts before my internet was really slow, well I found out why it was - i went over my limit and my mother being the nice, humble person she is "kindly" banned me from the internet. With a massive one day of grounding i was allowed back on. I will try and post as much as I can.

To Arianna: I am sorry for being such a terrible writer for this blog! I will try my hardest to post whenever I can.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Miss Sixty

New Miss Sixty was released today. I'm not sure if I like it. Opinions?

What do you think? The denim harem pants are growing on me although they might not be suitable for this time of year. Oh what the heck -- I'm buying them this instant.

Just So You Know...

For those that knew about/read my other blog (The Rock & Roll Angel From Hell), I have officially deleted and closed down that blog. It's causing a lot of tension between me and my mom, I feel - and if deleting a simple blog can somehow help us get on the right path towards a better mother-daughter relationship, then I'm going to delete the blog.
That blog means (meant) nothing to me, where as having a better relationship with my mom means the world to me.
From now on when I need to vent or express my thoughts/opinions I'll either do it on paper, or just talk to a close friend.
Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up about that blog being deleted.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Mary-Kate (marikate14) has decided to stop writing for this blog (in case you already haven't noticed via the list of Writers on the sidebar).
Anyway, I'll miss having her on this blog. But I do have to admit the way she quit was a bit unprofessional, dare I say. Oh well.

Golden Indulgence

Golden Indulgence -- another theme I'm loathing, which is rather similar to the For My Princess one I disliked as well. Whoa. Oh, and PS? I la-la-love this banner. Hot.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Writers, Listen Up

If my writers don't start posting on this blog even a little bit more extreme action will have to be taken.
IE: You. Will. Be. Fired.

I mean, come on, if you weren't going to post why'd you even agree to be or ask to be a writer in the first place? I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but it's just annoying. If I had known you wouldn't be posting at all or only once every couple weeks I never would have hired any of you as writers. That way people that actually would post on the blog would have been able to get the position. Anyway, please just start posting more and things will be fine.
PS: I am truly sorry if this post sounds really mean. I'm just in a bad mood right now, as I find myself alot lately, actually.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Spread the Word

I want to try to spread the word about this blog and get more followers, if possible. So if you have a blog it would be great if you could post the graphic below, to help get the word out.
Here is the graphic:
If you do post this graphics or anything else about Bitten & Bound on your blog please tell me in the comments or via Stardoll so I can mention you, and your blog, in an up-coming post I make on this blog, as a thank you.

Color Gloss Spoiler

I've never even read the first issue of this magazine, in fact, I hadn't heard about it untill today - but I figured it would be nice to post a spoiler for the December issue.

Dear Writers of B&B!

Writers, I've made each of you a banner. Please use whichever banner I've made for you when you post from now on. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your banner please take them up with me via Stardoll dollmail. PS: For you names on the banner, I've decided to use your Blogger username instead of real name or Stardoll username just for my own reasons and purposes.

Recherche Magazine

Gosh, why are people so mean? I know Arianna's already posted on this, but I can't believe that ''SD Book'' girl did that to doinker_chic. I don't personally know Lily but it's clear that she put tons of work and effort into Recherche -- now it's all ruined. Whatever happened to being nice? Fame, fashion and friends? Pfft. This is all so brutal. Click here.

New Layout

I've given the blog a new layout. Which comes along with a new color scheme. I've grown tired of the red, white, and black theme. Please comment on the new theme of the blog.
PS: Writers of Bitten & Bound, I will be providing each of you with a banner soon - untill then please use whatever banner you have been using.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fierce Magazine Spoiler

A spoiler for the December issue of Fierce, otherwise known as the Paris Issue. I can't wait to see what Alice has in store for us this time.

Immitation - Definitely A Problem

The "all new" Stardoll Trendsetters is causing quite a stir. And not in a good way. You can read all about here, as reported by my lovely cupcake, Charlotte aka n1mka4eva:

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!
My namee's Mackenzie and I am one of the new writers for Bitten and Bound!
I'm 17years old, and am from Scotland.
As it says in my banner, my Stardoll username is MissMackenzie07, but I also own another account called TheRealSA.

At TheRealSA, we try to spread awareness about issues like self harm, suicide and confidence issues. We also offer support to anyone who needs it. So if you ever just need someone to listen to you, or just need to vent, pleas feel free to drop y the club 'TheRealSA' or the account TheRealSA

I will start posting properly later in the week as I have exams!
Mack x

Mode Magazine Spoiler

It looks okay. Very simple. Yet somewhat chic. I'm looking forward to see how this magazine turns out.

This Could Cause Some Drama

Exclusive Invitation

Hello :)

Exclusive Here :D

So Maggie is re-releasing The Star Dose,which I'm sure all of you will adore,because it'll be more exciting and fun as ever.

So go everyone on the party and ENJOY YOURSELVES! :D

There will be also a Best-Dressed List,so be ready.

Credits for the graphic to the amazing Nicole aka tcholas93


Isn't it funny. . .

. . .how things grow on you? At first, when I caught a glimpse of those Hotbuys Furry Armwarmers, I was thinking, ''What the heck are those?'' yet a few minutes ago, I found myself purchasing a pair to keep my virtual limbs warm. How funky are they?

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Donna Magazine Spoiler

A spoiler has been released for the Winter issue of Donna magazine. I like the color scheme. And I love how the shadow model is wearing bunny ear type bow thing. I'm obsessed with any type of animal ears - so that's right up my alley.

Cyanide Released

The December issue of Cyanide Magazine has been released. You can read it here:

Two New Bloggers

We have Findurlove as a full-time, hopefully permanent, writer. And shanelrouge- as a guest blogger. Welcome to the Bitten & Bound staff, ladies. We're very happy to have you.


Aloha and Apologies.

Well hello there. I'm Matilda - also known as Matildaxxxx on Stardoll - and I'm a new writer here at Bitten & Bound. Let me just say, I'm super physched to be writing and I hope to cover a lot of Stardoll-related news for you all. Anyway, moving onto the apology part of this post, I just want to say a huge sorry to Arianna, and, of course, to all you readers. The reason why I have only began writing and introducing myself so late was because I was simply busy in real life. I'm not going to make any excuses and I really am sorry. But anyway, goodbye for now!

More Bloggers Are Coming!

I've been talking to some of my dear friends on Stardoll about writing for this blog. A few have agreed to be writers, a few others will be guest bloggers - possibly later becoming a full-time writer. And a few others are still considering it. So just be prepared for even more writers, which will hopefully lead to more posts more often.

Friday, December 04, 2009


Another Party is here! But not same as the others..

Be there or Be out!


Sorry and News!

Hello Everyone.I'm the new writer here.I'm really sorry for my late post but I was sick for days and then I was really busy with school.I apologize to the readers and of course to Arianna.

So a little bit about me:

My name is Mary-Kate.I love listening to music,playing the guitar,writing,reading and making graphics.I'm 13 years old and I live in Greece.I've got my own blog too.It's called The Stardoll  Hall of Fame.Follow if you want. :)

So coming to the Stardoll news:

Stardoll has opened a new store for us.It's called New Voile Holiday Boutique and it is containing formal dresses.Anyways according to Underneath Stardoll, a new store will be here too.

That's it.It will be inspired by a new movie St. Trinnian's 2 but only in the UK.

What are your thoughts? :)

PS.What do you think of my banner?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Banner Again

There is a new main blog banner. Again. So check it out. I'd love to hear any feedback via comments. Definitely showing my support for NOH8 with that banner. I've always been fighting for equal rights, now I have a blog banner to help spread the word even more. I might do a new banner for me to use when I post to show my support for TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms), the other charity I support majorly right now.
Anyway, I hope everyone likes the banner.

New Blog Playlist

I want to make a new playlist for the blog. If you have any song requests you want included please tell me in the comments ASAP so I can take all the suggestions into consideration.
PS: Has anyone else noticed how two of the writers I've hired STILL haven't made so much as an introduction. It makes me wonder why they even applied to write for the blog in the first place.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Recherche Magazine Spoiler

*Click for the animated version of the spoiler*