Sunday, December 13, 2009

My New Banner.

Okay, so maybe the banner might be old to other writers but considering I havent posted in a while, it's new to me. I just like to say that I love it! and the graphic designer who done this has done an amazing job (:


All the new clothingg (:

Since i haven`t posted in a while and quite abit of clothing has been realsed in starplaza, I`m going to do a review on it all.

NEW Miss-Sixty: It`s alright, I guess. Some of the items aren`t really my style. I would have to say the ones I like are : Denim harem pants, Flame red frock and Red glitter handbag. The rest, im not so sure about.

Oh and most of you would probarly have seen the advertisment on the start page, alothough it's no longer there I found it quite funny. It said something about " It's cold outside, stay warm with the new Miss Sixty" Umm .. Stardoll we are on a virtutal website ?

Voile hoilday Boutique: Some of the stuff in this store are really cute! but others are just not me.

St Trinian clothing: I actually dont have access to this store, but I have seen some spoliers on blogs and stuff. And i have to say i quite like it. I own a few items because i searched it. If anyone doesnt have access like me and owns some of this clothing could you please contact me here or on my main account ( hottpink12 - if you didnt know ) and tell me what i have to search! Thanks heaps!

Christmas Calenders: The non-superstar items are just plain boring! But some of the superstar items are alright.

Superstar prices rise : For the Australians, Superstar prices have risen. If your from Australia, you can`t buy a gift code from the stores like some countries - or whatever it`s called. You can only buy it via text message, credit card and all those other things. I buy viz text message. I used to pay $5:00 and get 1 month superstar and 100 stardollars. Then they lowered it to 2 weeks. Now I have to pay $7:00 and get 130 or something. I know $2 isnt alot of money, but stardoll is kinda being rediculious about this. Has anyone else superstar gone up or whatever?

Okay so I will stop writing now, your probarly getting sick of me xP
Brittany !

Extremley Sorry!

Hey Everyone.
I am really sorry for my lack of posts. As i said in one of my posts before my internet was really slow, well I found out why it was - i went over my limit and my mother being the nice, humble person she is "kindly" banned me from the internet. With a massive one day of grounding i was allowed back on. I will try and post as much as I can.

To Arianna: I am sorry for being such a terrible writer for this blog! I will try my hardest to post whenever I can.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Miss Sixty

New Miss Sixty was released today. I'm not sure if I like it. Opinions?

What do you think? The denim harem pants are growing on me although they might not be suitable for this time of year. Oh what the heck -- I'm buying them this instant.

Just So You Know...

For those that knew about/read my other blog (The Rock & Roll Angel From Hell), I have officially deleted and closed down that blog. It's causing a lot of tension between me and my mom, I feel - and if deleting a simple blog can somehow help us get on the right path towards a better mother-daughter relationship, then I'm going to delete the blog.
That blog means (meant) nothing to me, where as having a better relationship with my mom means the world to me.
From now on when I need to vent or express my thoughts/opinions I'll either do it on paper, or just talk to a close friend.
Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up about that blog being deleted.