Monday, November 30, 2009

Fashion Battle: Round Two Results

melissa54321: - 12 votes (44%)

Findurlove - 15 votes (55%)

Making Maggie (Findurlove) the winner of this round. Congrats, darling.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Poisonous Christmas

This was the best surprise I've ever recieved in my life, I swear to God.
I logged onto Stardoll a few minutes ago, checked my club like I always do and saw this topic by Becka (Poison's, my magazine's, graphics designer and Editor-In-Chief) Let's just say I was throughly shocked to the core and could not believe what I was reading.
I proceeded to her blog and saw this^. The Christmas issue of my magazine, published with new features and stuff that was supposed to be in the Summer 2009 issue.
All that's left to say are two things:

1) Becka, I love you to death. You are amazing. Words can not describe how happy seeing this made me. Simply wonderful. Thank you, darling.

2) As soon as Becka emails me everything for this Christmas issue, now that I've seen it, I will be posting this issue of Poison's official website ( For now you can read this issue here, though:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

D Magazine Spoiler

*No banner, not on my laptop still, again*
It's cute. The graphics are great, of course. I'm looking forward to the release.

Too Many Updates For A Name

Some quick updates before I log off my grandparents super slow computer for the night. Also, I promise I'll be posting some more good posts as soon as I get back home. My family is heading back to Virginia Beach tomorrow. Also x 2, still no banner as I'm still not using my laptop - I could use it but I don't feel like hooking it up to the internet and etc since it's past 1am. Anyway:
^This spoiler for The Fashion Show, an exclusive given to Haus of Sin, was released.

-The new DKNY collection has been released. I bought a couple items.

-The new Dot make up is out. So far I haven't bought any because I don't like it.

-The Gift O Meter thingy...yeah, that's kinda stupid - but because I just bought 1000 stardollars and spent it on items I've wanted for a while, I now have all the items on that meter.

-There is a free superstar dress on page two of the new items in the Starplaza.

-All members can get a Christmas tree on Stardoll. Superstars get a nice gold one, non-superstars get just a regular one. Another indication of Stardoll playing favorites.

I think I've listed everything that's happened over the past couple days. If I've missed anything feel free to tell me in the comments so I can make a post about it ASAP.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Hey Everyone !
Sorry for my lack of posts, two reasons for that.
1. My internet has been ever-so-slow
2. I wasn't sure on what to post on.

I have something. The new, very anticipated dkny line has been released. Right at this moment I am looking over every individual peice. Some are nice, some are alright and some are just stunning! They are obviously chirstmas colours, but yet again are a little expensive. I havent yet brought anything but i will soon! So what are everyone's new thoughts on the new DKNY?

Ohh. The gift-o-meter.
Seriously, What is with that? It's just another thing stardoll is doing to get us to buy more codes!
I really like the silvery dress, but i though that was given away to the people in stardoll royatly?
Hmm ... time will tell.

Take Care everyone!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just So You Know

*No banner as I am not posting this from my laptop*

I will not be posting much, if at all, over the next three days (weekend). I am out of town for the Thanksgiving holidays and won't be back home untill probably Sunday night.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and had a great Thanksgiving Day!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Multiple Spoilers

^New Dot make-up.
^Stardoll Royalty club free gifts for members.

*There are also spoilers for the new DKNY, but you can just go view those on about every other Stardoll blog, so I didn't feel like posting the pictures here.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Freakshow Awards

Tylerisbold is starting a new project. I wonder if this could just be a way to try to get back at Vanessa? Either way, it could be fun to have another awards show around.

Fashion Battle: Round Two

(This time my graphic didn't turn out as blurry. Yay! Lol.)

This time the battle is between melissa54321 (Lauren) and Findurlove (Maggie). Vote in the poll on the sidebar for your favorite.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kill The Lights

Kill the Lights - it may be a Britney Spears song, but now it's also a Stardoll blog too. This blog is new, and still getting started (with only an introduction post being published so far), but it looks like it could be pretty good. Very promising. The owner is applead. You can check out and follow the blog here:

Hmm .. Strange !?

Oh My Gosh. Last night I was on stardoll, Obviously and I joined some random club because i was bored. Then Like i went to my updates and then was some mail saying that some other club had posted one of those topic things, i clicked on it and then it went to the clubs homepage and said "Sorry you are not allowed to do that" and all my clubs were gone all mine, the ones i manage and the ones that i have joined. I went on my page and it was all gone! By now i was freaking out, i logged in and out and then found out it was just a glitch Lol. But how weird is that ?! If anything like this has happened to you (Or just any random glitch) post them here!

Sorry for this kinda boring post. I will post more intresting ones when i find them.

Bitten & Bound On Twitter

This blog now has a Twitter page. You can visit the Twitter by clicking here: or just scroll down a bit and you can read the three most recent Tweets on the sidebar of this blog.

I will try to keep the Twitter page updated even more than the blog is, because I realize I do take quite a bit of time to actually post about stuff. With the Twitter page you'll be able to read about the latest news and gossip alot faster than you ever will on this blog.

Fashion Battle: Round One Results

Here are the results of the poll:

vasia28 - 13 votes (54%)

BeverlyHillsHei - 11 votes (46%)

Making Vasia the winner of Fashion Battle's first round.

Two More Writers

There are two more new writers for the blog now, also. There Stardoll usernames are marikate14 and Matildaxxxx. Again, I don't know when they'll be making their debut posts - but it will be soon.

The Monster Ball

Alice is having a party! Be there or...well, you must suck. Unfortunately, I cannot make it - I have plans in real life.

My New Banner !

Like My New Temporary banner? Hehe i love it! A massive thanks to my amazing graphic designer friend, Mackenzie (MissMackenzie07). Speaking of Mackenzie, You may all know her by her other account TheRealSA? Yes? No? Well if you dont, you should check it out! It was previously called SuicideAwarness. Mackenzie aims to save lifes and give somebody to talk to. She has come up with the amazing idea of Pen Pals (More info on her account, the link is below). So check out her account and join the club, buy the designs whatever else there is to do!
Here is the link:

Thanks! Brittany x

Friday, November 20, 2009

The New Main Banner

I decided which one to use as the main banner. You can, of course, view it right up there where the main banner is. Also, thank you to everyone that voted in the poll about the banner.

December Hot Buys: Review

Bisou Bunny Ears: J'adore them. Definitely going to be buying those, given my propensity to make some of my outfits a bit over the top.

RIO Dress: It's okay. Not my favorite Hot Buys item this month, though.

Pretty In Pink Heart Purse: It's cute. Nothing more to say.

Evil Panda Armwarmers: Probably will buy those, but never wear them.

Pretty In Pink Blazer: This blazer is adorable. Loving this item, aswell.

Bisou Stud Dress: Hopefully this one isn't too long, length wise. If it is it will totally ruin the whole affect of the dress.

Fallen Angel Booties: Don't like the whole pointed part. Looks like elf shoes. Either way, I'll be buying them, though. Like I said before - I do some crazy outfits.

Fallen Angel Tulip Skirt: I haven't really come to a decision on what I think about this skirt. It's growing on me.

Pretty In Pink Bow Belt: Cute. Simple. Could look nice if worn the right way.

Kohl's Abbey Dawn Shit: I just don't really like much from the Kohl's store. It never looks right on the medolls.

Fallen Angel Draped Top: Liking this, too. Will be buying as soon as it comes out for sure.

Eternity Spoiler

Well, it's obviously official - Eternity Magazine is making it's comeback - this December to be exact. Mary promises an issue bound to blow us all away. I, for one, am beyond excited. Are you?

Brittany! ( New Writer )

Hello Readers Of Bitten and Bound!
I, Brittany am one of the newest members of the Bitten and Bound Staff! I am very excited to be apart of this wonderful blog Owned by Ariannacarle. At the moment I dont have a banner just yet but I should have one soon. So In the future expect to see some amazing posts from me (and the other writers of course). If you would like to know more about me write in my guestbook on my account Hottpink12

Looking foward to hearing from all of you!
Brittany! x

First New Writer

Our first new writer for the blog is Brittany aka hottpink12. I'm not sure exactly when she'll be making her debut post, but it will be soon.

Welcome to the Bitten & Bound staff, Brittany!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Main Banner?

Which one of these should be the new main banner? If any of them? Vote in the second poll on the sidebar with your choice. Please and thank you :)
NOTE: Graphics are not done by me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mary's Back

Stardoll's very own writemarycat aka: Mary is back. And judging from her presentation, Eternity might be too. You can read more about it here:

Okay, Maybe Not...

Okay, I decided the blog will NOT go on a break of any sort - for reasons I'm not going into detail about right now. Besides, it's basically just because I don't want to take a break from this blog. All the other reasons are tiny and don't add to my decision much. Also, I've already decided on a couple people to be writers for the blog, that applied, so look out for the post listing all the new writers soon - hopefully by the end of this week if all goes as planned.
PS: We need more followers! Try to spread the word as much as possible. It would be greatly appreciated (spell check. lol) if you did.

Ciao For Now

This blog is going to be on a slight break for the next week or so. I need time to get my head straight. I'm going through some stuff in real life that is very demanding of my attention to get through properly. I might try to post is anything really big or exciting happens in the Stardoll world, but that's it. My best guess is the blog will be back in full-business by next week, if all works out okay with what I'm going through in real life. I thank everyone for understanding why this blog needs to go on a kinda-break, and thank you for the few people who have shown support.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Writers Needed

I've started looking for people to hire as writers, as some of you may have seen on my Stardoll presentation already. So if you are interested in writing for Bitten & Bound just contact me on Stardoll via guestbook, dollmail, or friend request - I will try to get back to everyone that contacts me as soon as I possibly can, but please understand I am not online much anymore these days, I have a very busy life outside of the internet for a 14 year old.

The Stardoll History Book *Updated*

This a new project started by applead, poohg_1993, and bdogg28. For a bit more information and some directs quotes from the creators about what it's about check out foreversecret's blog, Stardoll's Official Blog by clicking here:
UPDATE: I have recieved notice from applead that the name of this project is being changed to something else. A name which she did not disclose to me, but I am very eager to find out.

A Very "Fierce" Spoiler!

Hunnigall released the spoiler for the next issue of Fierce Magazine yesterday. It looks very promising, as always. But, then again, I have always been an avid lover of Alice's graphics work and when she started doing her magazine I was floored, it was that amazing. Can't wait for the next issue, that's for sure.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Star_Awards Controversy

I think most of everyone knows about the rumors going around that Star_Awards is TheGossipDish. I have no new things to add to this rumor. I'm simply asking people to cool it. Even if Vanessa really is TheGossipDish, everyone makes mistakes - and at least her mistake turned into a widly popular gossip blog. That's a pretty good mistake, in a way. I'm not saying the rumors or true, nor am I saying they aren't - I'm just saying maybe everyone needs to calm down, back off, and remember this is just a virtual dolly site. Thank you and good-night.

Huge Raffle/Contest

Okay, I've determined this blog needs more readers and followers, so to help with that I'm starting a mega contest. As I've said before, I think, I am desperate for this blog to become at least a little bit more popular.
Here's how it will work work - for every one follower you get to follow this blog, is every time you are entered into a raffle to win major prizes.
What that means is the more followers you get, the more times your entered, which leads to greater chances of winning.
How do you tell me who you've gotten to follow? Everytime you get someone new to follow this blog just make a comment on this post stating your Stardoll username and the person you got to follow's Stardoll username - then, bam, your entered once. Keep doing that and you keep getting entered. It's fairly simple if you ask me, considering the prizes as are follows:
1st Place: Multi-Color Mary-Kate RC tunic dress
2nd Place: Black Ashley RC mini-dress
3rd Place: Pink Ribbon by Primp top
4th Place: 10 gifts of your choice
5th Place: 3 gifts of your choice
That's right, there will be five winners total - so not only can you enter a whole bunch of times based on how many followers you get, but you get a ton of chances to win something awseome.
The contest will only be from now untill November 29th - so hurry and start getting those followers for your chance to win!
Also, if you do win one of the top three prizes and are non-superstar arrangements will be made to accomodate that, don't worry.

Fashion Battle: Round One

Who do you think wore it best? Vote in the poll on the sidebar.
PS: Sorry for the slight blurriness of the graphic. I am just now finally trying my hand at putting two different pictures together to make one, in Paint - I don't know what you want to call that little process. Anyway, my first ever attempt ended in a blurry graphic. But oh well.

New Banners

Which banner should I use when I post? I'm not sure, so please give me your input. I don't remember where the original graphic is from in the first one, sorry - but credit to where it came from and who made it. And the second one is from The Stardoll Hall of Fame, if I have my blogs correct - so credit to whoever made it from that blog. Also! If YOU know how to make good graphics and are a fairly active member of Stardoll, contact me if your interested in becoming Bitten & Bound's official graphics designer/artist. Contact me via Stardoll guestbook, my username is ariannacarle. Or leave your Stardoll username and a sample of your graphics work in the comments. I'm pretty desperate, so everyone has a chance.
PS: Have you seen the new main blog banner? Made entirely by moi!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Under New Ownership

If you read Alessandra's post you would know she has left the blog. And made me the new owner, and only writer. I've already made some changes to the blog, by giving in a slightly new look. And soon I'll be changing the banner I use when I make a post. I might be hiring some new writers, as well - as I don't think I can do this blog alone. I also want to add some regular posts that are featured once a week or something along the lines of that, but I still haven't decided what those posts will be about. I have a few other ideas I want to try out on a trial basis, but you wont find out about those untill later. I hope I can be a good owner, but I'm not making any promises. Also, thank you for 'Less for entrusting me enough to turn the blog over to me. That shows some true friendship and trust, there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time For My Good-Bye

It's come to my knowledge that I have NO time for this blog anymore. I don't think I had time for it in the first place, either. But that's another story, another time.
I'll try to keep this short and sweet for you all because I know that many peoples hate reading long posts that ramble stupid thoughts.
I'm quiting this blog. Yes, my own blog. BUT the blog will NOT be closing down.
I am handing it over to Arianna. She is a superb writer and has done a better job with this blog as I writer than I ever did as the owner.
I only hope she will have time and a bit of detication to keep this blog going.
Thank you to all the blogs, etc, that have posted about us or featured us - even if it's only a small mention. It means a lot to me.
Thank you to our very small fan base, unfourtunately it stayed small because I never put forth much effort to make this blog 'famous', but that could all change with Arianna as the new owner, she has impeciable talent and so forth.
And now, I must say good-bye XX

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Star Awards Are Back

The Star Awards are back one last time. Vanessa decided to give all Stardollians a special Christmas gift and have one last awards ceramony. One last hurrah. The nominations have already started in club SAanniversary - so go get your nominations done, people! Nominations only last untill the 17th, so hurry, hurry, hurry :)

Fierce Magazine: Latest Issue

The latest issue of Fierce Magazine was released just the other day. As always, it is beyond amazing. This has got to be one of the top three best magazines on Stardoll right now. Hunnigall has out-done herself once again. You should definitely check this magazine out.

Read Fierce here: